12 years ago, you could not have paid me to be here

April 21, 2018
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12 years ago, you could not have paid me to be here

12 years ago, you could not have paid me to be here

“I was taking pain pills to run from my own life. I tried to kill myself several times. Shot myself in the stomach with a .38 and took 100 Clonnequin pills. I went through eight rehabs but thought my lifestyle was great. I would get off drugs, go back to the same lifestyle and then back on drugs.

In 2006, I came to Wings of Life after a 30-year off and on addiction to painkillers. I have been to Bradford and rehabs in North Carolina. I couldn’t get a grip on it. I kept getting in trouble and my family kept bailing me out. They thought they were helping and setting me up for success but I was using it as an opportunity to keep using drugs. In 2006, I stole pain pills from a family in our town and they pressed charges.I was arrested and my family told me I was on my own. That was the best thing they could have done. I was in jail for two months before I came to Wings of Life. In jail, I told God my life was a big mess and every opportunity He gave me I slapped Him in the face. I was focusing on the things that were not important instead of the people who are important, my family and true friends. I prayed if He could make anything out of my life, please do it, and he started doing it. I was court-ordered to be here for six months. 12 years later, I am still here. I wanted something different. I lost the trust and respect of my family and my daughter. I lost my car, my house, my money, my job. Everything. I wanted a normal life. I gave my life to God and developed true friendships. I got through 90 days and wanted to stay for the year. I got completed the Dove program and realized I had never completed anything from start to finish in my life. I went through the whole ministry program.

I entered the ministry program and was ordained a deacon and a minister. I come by here seven days a week. I do fundraising and night-time scheduling. My purpose and light is at Wings of Life.

12 years ago, you could not have paid me to be here. I needed to be shaken and humbled. Concrete and steel were my rock bottom. The best thing my family did was withdrawing from my life. I had to grow up. My daughter had her own drug problem and went through Wings if Life and we grew closer than we have ever been. There is love and compassion here and I finally found a place where I feel like I fit in. I came here with preconceived notions and they were shattered. I have learned we are all so much alike.”

2 comments on “12 years ago, you could not have paid me to be here”

  1. Mary Anne says:

    Thank you for posting. Your story is inspiring and is quite a tribute to Wings of Life.

  2. Dawn says:

    God bless you and your ministry!

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