I know what it is like to say no to God

February 17, 2016
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I know what it is like to say no to God

I know what it is like to say no to God

“It is a sunny day, we are having some devotion and worship time.”

“It is a nice way to start the day with peace and getting to know each other a little better. I am from California and have been here doing mission work and staying at her house. I have been working with the Youth Advocate Program of Baldwin County.”

“I sing with the worship team on Sunday and help lead worship music on Wednesday. I started playing guitar as a way of worshipping on my own, but I did not like to play or sing in front of anyone. The Lord is stretching me to do that now. I am getting more comfortable.”

“I am in between seasons of my life. I was playing music before, but God threw me a curveball and what I am doing has nothing to do with music, but loving these kids who need love and attention has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Music had become not just the tool for loving people, but the way I love. I had to let it go to say yes to God’s will. I have always been so busy, now being here has given me time to slow down, rest and reflect.”

“I went to Bible college in California and came back home. I have worked at Gene’s Beans off and on for 8 years since 2005. I love that job and Mr. Gene is the best. One day God will lead me out of my comfort zone, but it will be hard to leave. She has been an example of following God’s will and doing what God wants you to do.”

“It has been a process. I know what it is like to say no to God.”

“What happened when you said no?”

“I was heavily involved in the Hollywood scene and playing music in gigs around San Diego. I knew God had another plan for me but I didn’t listen. I had a nervous breakdown and went for a few months to a rehab facility. I cried out ‘Why is this happening?’ It still took me a while to listen. When God has a purpose on your life, it won’t go away. There is no peace. Being able to hear God’s voice through all of the emotions, that is the peace. I finally found it and now I know immediately when I step out of God’s will. I don’t like not having a sense of direction. I need God telling me where I am going.”

“What I see of you is listening and obeying the Lord.”

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