Because I am old school

December 14, 2015
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Because I am old school

Because I am old school

My husband had surgery and now I am in charge of the phone. I learned this week how to text. I don’t like it, but I have to learn how to do it to keep up with what is going on. My husband is incapacitated right now, so I have to be the one to keep in touch. It is scary. 

I just want to pick up my landline phone. I have to keep track of carrying and charging this. I have had a phone for years and never carried it with me. My friends know if my phone is ringing, I am wondering where it is. 

I never felt I was that important for people to have my cell phone number to get in touch with me any time of the day.

I had phone numbers on my contact list, but no names. My kids taught me how to add that. Simple things I have no desire to learn because I am old school.

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