Being around this church is giving me peace

January 15, 2020
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Being around this church is giving me peace

Being around this church is giving me peace

“I was incarcerated about three years ago and went into The Shoulder recovery program. I have been in Fairhope about three months. I was kicked out of the house I was living in and don’t have a place to stay right now. I didn’t need to be around those people anyway. That is why I came to Fairhope Methodist to try and get help. To find some positive people and help with resources.  I am trying to find a job. I can work in construction, warehouses, detailing cars, or work at a grocery store. People have been good to me in Fairhope. Some people give me money, but I am not asking for money, I am asking for a job. I tell people who give me money that if you ever need anything, let me know. I will pay you back, just let me know how I can help.

I grew up in Valley, Alabama. I have been through a lot and wasn’t always a good person. Growing, up there was no one showing us how to do good and to think of something bigger. I grew up with people drinking liquor and smoking at an early age. People were hurting each other. I picked up those habits and thought that was the thing to do. I went to Valley for the Christmas holidays. It was good to see my family but I came back down here to get away from the bad influences. I have a better chance of making it here.
Being homeless is hard on your mind and body. I miss stretching out in a bed and both of my eyes sleeping. Some nights I don’t sleep. I could be somewhere else, but I am glad I came to church today.  I take showers here, came here for Thanksgiving lunch, and have done some volunteer work and help them set out chairs. Today was the first day I went to the church service. They were nice and fed me lunch. I am learning to be still and think before I act. Being around this church is giving me peace.

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