Being different doesn’t make us weird

November 28, 2018
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Being different doesn’t make us weird

Being different doesn’t make us weird

“We are 14 and best friends. We are from India and Vietnam.”

“I have gone back to India several times and we are going to India at Christmas for my cousin’s wedding. We do Indian celebrations and have fun. I am proud of my culture and when I get to dress in this. We celebrate Denali, the Festival of Lights. It is a new beginning. I sing for competitions and want to be a singer and raise awareness of different cultures. In Mobile, I feel separate and awkward because most of the people around me are white. At my elementary school they bullied me for being brown. I want to make it okay not to have pretty hair or be the stereotypes. I feel disconnected with my friends because I don’t have blonde hair and I am not cute like they are. I know I am different, but everyone finds them pretty and I am just on the side.”

“I feel like I stand out because I am different. Everyone here has the same culture. We celebrate New Year’s with the dragon and envelopes with money inside so you can have a good start to the new year. If you come from another culture, you shouldn’t have to hide it. We all have feelings and just because we are different, it doesn’t make us weird.”

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  1. Julie says:

    Please believe that not being a stereotype is a good thing! It may be hard now to be different, but as you get older it will be better. And yes, some kids can be mean. But believe in yourself! And find those friends who want to know about your culture and share it with them. All of you will be enriched by that. (and both of you have beautiful hair!)

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