Being outside with my Papa is freedom

February 5, 2019
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Being outside with my Papa is freedom

Being outside with my Papa is freedom

“I have been taking him hunting and fishing since he was five years old. He sat in my lap and pulled the trigger. He almost broke my nose when it hit me when it went off. He said, ‘I got him Papa.’ I said, ‘you sure did, check this nose out.’ He killed an 8-point buck last year. It is all about getting him off the concrete and outside and off the cellphone, video games, and TV. Just get outside and walk. We once walked three miles in the woods. He said we were, ‘Hunting hogs and walking logs. Shooting birds and practicing spelling words’.”

“We go out every weekend. Being with him outside is freedom away from the stress of school and friends.”

“I bought him a kayak for our house that is close to the river. I didn’t have a trailer so we went to a trash dump and got the wheels off an old lawnmower and made a kayak trailer. He told me his friends know nothing about making and repairing things because they are on video games.”

“My friends don’t get kayaking or fishing and sitting still for hours watching and looking. They don’t appreciate just being quiet. I like doing things I have never done before.”

“He was born at Women’s and Children’s in Mobile and two hours later they rushed him to UAB in Birmingham. His bowels were on the outside of his stomach. His first five months of life were in the hospital. His intestines were in a tube and he had five surgeries to slowly put them back in. His body wasn’t big enough for his intestines.”

“I have scars across my stomach. They told my parents I would be slower than everyone else and may not be able to walk or play sports.”

“He inspired me to read. I couldn’t read or write until I was 22. I wanted to work on cars and that is all I did. My wife wanted me to go to the grocery store and handed me a check. I said I couldn’t write a check. We had been married for a year and she didn’t know I couldn’t read. I even went to school with her, but I made it through school working on teachers’ and the principal’s cars. I quit in the ninth grade because working on cars is all I wanted to do. My wife tutored at the American Literacy Council in Mobile and got me a tutor. I learned to read in two years. I own Advance Transmission in Spanish Fort. Next year is the 25th anniversary of the store.”

“I love to read. Watt Key wrote Terror at Bottom Creek. I have read all of his books and got to meet him and get signed copies of all of his books.”

“I never thought I would learn to read and write. I am teaching him you have to slow down and enjoy life while you have it.”

3 comments on “Being outside with my Papa is freedom”

  1. Dawn says:

    You are an inspiration to all families to spend time with each other, share your lives with each other! Your grandson will be a better man for it & will always be thankful. ❤️

  2. Laura Wilson says:

    Lynn, What a same world. I’m not sure if you remember, but I sent you a letter after reading a new paper article about you and the Southern Rambler, (cut out and sent with letter). I was so intrigued and fascinated with your website and articles, I read till my legs went to sleep. Now here you are writing about my husband, Marvin and GRANDson, Owen. Wow! You did an excellent job of describing the both of them and the very special bond they have. These two fellows are two peas in a pod and virtually inseparable since Owens birth. They both came home from fishing all excited, not about the fish they almost caught rather about your interview and your genuine interest in their story. Thank you for sharing their story and others.

  3. Lynn Oldshue says:

    Oh my gosh!! I do remember you and that letter came a year ago at a time I needed it. It is in my jewelry box to save forever.

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