Both of our ancestors were pirates

March 1, 2017
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Both of our ancestors were pirates

Both of our ancestors were pirates

“We are pirates. My 6th great grandfather was a pirate for the queen of France.”

“This is not a costume, it is a way of life. We live in Mississippi and we dress like this quite a bit. We have our family tattoos with our crest, the jolly roger. Both of our ancestors were pirates.”

“I am a retired truck driver and now work at American Lube Fast.”

“I am an assistant manager at Dollar Tree and about to be the manager at Dirt Cheap. We have been together two years. I have five kids, he has four. We have nine grandkids between us. We are also karaoke djs. I am from Alabama, he is from Florida. This is his first time to come to parades in Mobile. I grew up here, my mom and dad were Baldwin County deputy sheriffs and did crowd control for the sheriff. I started riding with them when I was three. I remember my first Comic Cowboy parade.”

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