Church is not the building, church is in our hearts

November 27, 2019
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Church is not the building, church is in our hearts

Church is not the building, church is in our hearts

“I grew up in Mt. Vernon church. I am the minister of music. There are many people who aren’t a part of church because no one has asked them. They don’t have family here or anyone that connects them. So many people are hurting and lonely and need someone to go to them and show they are loved.”

“I came to this church in 1980 and help keep it clean. It was founded in 1870 and we have been in this building since 1927.  At one time this was a booming Baptist church with more than 200 members. We are down to 17. We are sustaining this building with just a handful of members left. Church is not the building, church is in our hearts. I love the people and this is where God wants me to be. I come here by myself to talk with God. You know it has to be the right answer because it is just you and God. Our motto is a church that is growing in faith and expecting the impossible. TJ Huddleston built the first hospital in Mississippi for African Americans and owned funeral homes across the state. He was also one of the leaders of this church. Many leaders in the black community went to this church and we once had the stigma of being the educated and big shot church and people avoided it. We are rebranding and opening our arms to everyone. We are going across the railroad tracks and pulling people in. Just come here and be fed.

I am in a runoff for alderwoman in Ward 4. I won the primary election but didn’t get 50 percent plus one vote. The general election is Dec. 9. If the Lord wants me there, he will put me there. If not, I can accept it. I can see down the road, but God sees around the curve. If it is something that is going to cause hardship, he is not going to put me there. I am running because I love people. I am a retired social worker. I want to change Ward 4 in three steps. Low, medium and high intensity. What can we do today, in six months and a year. Pick up trash, we can clean up our streets today. We can fix the leaning light poles in six months. I want to help make Yazoo City be what it used to be. It’s not about just you are me, it’s about all people. Jesus Christ is love. Everything we receive is not for us to keep for ourselves. You have to let the blessings flow through you to others. We are on this earth to help each other.”

2 comments on “Church is not the building, church is in our hearts”

  1. Dawn Bratcher says:

    May the Lord God Almighty bless you in all ways! ❤

  2. Patricia Lynch says:

    I pray the Lord God Almighty continues to bless you both so much your cup runs over. Amen. I love and respect you both. I’m so glad that there are still people like y’all that love the Lord although you are in politics. America needs more politicians like you both.. thank you for being my friend I’m very honored to know you even if it is in Facebook❤️❤️Paying always for you.

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