Daisy is my miracle

June 25, 2020
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Daisy is my miracle

Daisy is my miracle

“The Meadowlake Boys and Girls Club at our school was a big help. With our work schedules, it was almost impossible to pick Daisy up after school. Without the Boys and Girls Club, I would have had to quit my job. I worked at Starbucks but they didn’t give me a set schedule and my hours changed all of the time. I started working at a daycare and my schedule was 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. By the time we picked Daisy up, her homework was done and she was fed dinner. That was a big help because after work I didn’t have the energy to help with homework. She loved the program and was making straight A’s.

When we first got into the Boys and Girls Club, they only accepted 100 in the school. I told them if there is a child worse off than Daisy, please give it to them. They said no, this is the place for her. As bad as I thought it was for us, it could have been worse and I didn’t want to take anything from a child who needed more help. The staff took such good care of us. They even helped us get food for Thanksgiving.

I was laid off immediately after COVID. I didn’t go back to work. My boyfriend and I have gotten to a good place. We saved money and bought a little land and are building a house. I am going to stay home and have time with Daisy that I didn’t have before. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Boys and Girls Club where we are going. Daisy talks about the program all of the time. She has the biggest heart and makes friends quickly.

I was abused by my father and in the process, I had to grow up. To be a good mom, I had to heal and couldn’t keep it in. I was with Daisy’s father for ten years. He was in jail for two years and I raised his two kids and Daisy by myself. He was all I knew in my young adult life and I had to become an independent woman. I have nothing to show from that relationship except Daisy, but she is my biggest blessing in the world. I was told I couldn’t have kids. I had two miscarriages before I had her and one after. She is my miracle.

I am now with a man who makes me a better person and is good for Daisy. Life is so much better. We started from nothing, but we work hard and save and are now building our own home. I teach Daisy things aren’t given to you, you have to work for them. But to be grateful because it could all be gone tomorrow. If I don’t do anything else, I want to raise her to be a respectable woman who is kind to others.”

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