February 4, 2019
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Times are hard and it feels like the dragons are coming after you. You are stressed about your job, parents and kids. The government could shut down again, the Saints were robbed and another presidential campaign season begins. 

It is also deeper than that…

You feel guilty about taking the car and freedom away from your mother. But her Alzheimer’s has progressed and it is no longer safe for her to drive.

You hurt for your daughter who is having trouble finding friends and her place at middle school. Or elementary school. Or high school.

You hurt for your son who is going through the same thing. Mine sons are, too.

You are a high school senior unsure where you will go to college and what you will do with your life, but you are expected to have the answers.

You wonder why your mom chose using drugs over raising you. 

You are raising grandkids when your nest should be empty.

You are torn between your job and raising your kids and feel guilty because you can’t give 100 percent to both. You feel like you aren’t doing enough or that you are never where you are supposed to be. This leaves no time for yourself.

You fought with your parents and you both said things you can’t take back. 

You can’t sleep more than a few hours a night.

Your elderly father refuses to admit he can no longer care for himself.

Doctors and pills can’t make your pain go away.

The kids at school are mean to you and you no longer have confidence in who you are. 

Your husband passed away two months after you moved back home.  After 25 years of marriage and helping you find the better point, what are you supposed to do without him?

You lost your job.

Chemo took away your hair. 

You are trying to find peace after your brother committed suicide.

You are fighting for kids but feel like you aren’t making a difference.

You are making a difference. You are making someone else’s life a little better. A little easier. Wherever you are right now is the right place at the right time. The decisions will come. Middle school won’t last forever. Your kids and grandkids will be okay because they have you. Your heart and your pain will slowly heal.

You will beat the dragons today.

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