Every piece has a message on the bottom

August 9, 2019
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Every piece has a message on the bottom

Every piece has a message on the bottom

“I started Sticky Fingers pottery six years ago so I could homeschool my two kids. My dad is a potter. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and I was taking care of her at home. I needed something to do to pass the time so I started making pottery. It became my career. Every piece has a message on the bottom. The words started out sweet, but I put more of myself and what I felt on there hoping people would accept it. The message and colors reflect the mood of the day. If I am feeling good, it will be something pretty. If I am feeling crappy, that comes out too.  I try not to replicate myself. Sometimes it is lyrics to a song I am listening to as I work. ‘Pay it forward’ is how I live my life. ‘No one is too old for fairy tales’ is when I am proud of my marriage and everything is working. ‘Aw Shit’ was when we had a bad day. I was feeling good about that pretty bowl when I glazed it, but on the bottom is ‘If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I would fart.’ Someone had come to the house who I didn’t appreciate much and that came out in the message. 

My family goes to the creek and picks up clay. I clean it and then add more to it so it will survive the firing. My kids make pieces to earn their own money. I work on my porch and my husband and I just built a shop in my back yard in Bay Minette so people can stop by. I use my pottery to promote peace and well-being and to get along with each other. My van has ‘be the change’ spray-painted on the side.”

Laura Jurjevich and her Sticky Fingers Pottery will be in Bienville Square at Art Walk tonight.

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