Girls are complicated. We have complicated relationships

July 25, 2017
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Girls are complicated. We have complicated relationships

Girls are complicated. We have complicated relationships

“We aren’t weak wimps scared to do anything.

“We are sensitive. We are emotional.”

“It’s not always about them. We don’t care about them that much.”

“We aren’t perfect. We aren’t going to look like the magazines.”

“Don’t blame our mood on our time of the month.”

“Don’t put us all in one stereotype. We don’t fit the same standards of personality or beauty.”

“Right now everything is based on our looks. We want our personality to matter.”

“Do you do the same thing for guys? Do you look at their personality first?”

“If a girl talks to the guy doesn’t mean that we like him.”

“Just because I say I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t care. I am fine doesn’t mean I am fine. It means I need a few seconds to calm down and you need to come back and help work this out. If he took the time to get to know me, he would be able to read my mind.”

“What do you want us to say, we do care? We can’t say that.”

“People change. I was mean in 5th grade, but I have changed. Understand that I am different now. ”

“Chocolate is not the answer to everything.”

“A girl is entitled to her own opinions.”

“I am starting to wear makeup but it is for me and I like to pamper myself, it is not for them.”

“Girls are complicated. We have complicated relationships.”

“I know I am short, don’t point it out.”

“Don’t lie to us to make yourself look better. Just be yourself.”

“The boys seem to only like the popular girls who are mean to everyone else.”

“When you are loyal and learn to trust them. He asks you out in person and not text or call, it is special. You know he means it. Girls are looking for a relationship that will last a long time and focus on other things to put alongside that.”

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