God put me here to do this

February 14, 2020
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God put me here to do this

God put me here to do this

“I have worked in flower shops since I was 15. I opened Bay Flowers in 2006 and this is the first time to have my own store. They were building the RSA tower when we opened and a lot of areas downtown were still destitute. Mobile has changed so much since we opened and my business has grown as downtown has come back to life. I work all of the time and I am always here, but every day I get to make people happy.

I have six employees but we are up to ten for Valentine’s. We are delivering 140 orders on Valentine’s Day. We had to cut off orders two days ago but the phone is ringing off the hook. This is a handmade product. We want every order to be perfect so we can’t take more orders than we can do well. We got in 600 red roses today. Last night we were here until midnight and tonight we will be here for as long as it takes. We also have Mardi Gras with the boutonnieres and arrangements for the rooms, and funeral work. It is hard when they are all on the same day. We just did a queen’s reception and that was awesome. Mardi Gras is almost a year-round business for us.

There is a lot of time wasted on deliveries because people give wrong addresses and don’t give phone numbers. That is the hardest part. There is so much excitement when people get flowers and they call and tell us how much the flowers mean to them. We did flowers for a 60th anniversary and the wife texted me that she walks around the house in amazement at the beautiful flowers and they give her so much joy. That is everything to me. We once closed the shop down for a week and did a wedding in Naples Florida. It was a magazine wedding where everything was perfection.

I was raised a poor girl. If I ever lose the shop, I lose everything. God put me here to do this. I am thankful to be in Mobile where everyone takes care of each other.”

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