I accept the blame for what I did and I paid the price

September 21, 2020
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I accept the blame for what I did and I paid the price

I accept the blame for what I did and I paid the price

There is more to Robert’s story. We spoke again today for Part 2….

“I went into business with the wrong person. I was arrested for theft of property and went to jail for eight months. My family fought hard to get the truth out, but there were so many wrong stories that went around social media. Finally I was done fighting. I realized people will believe what they want to believe and I will live my life the best that I can.

I accept the blame and responsibility for what I did and paid the price. It was a dark time that was hard on my family. Getting back up is hard but thank God I had friends and a future father-in-law who said hang on, hold on to who your are.

I know who I am. My wonderful wife knew the truth about what I had done before she married me. After my father died at age 54, my father-in-law became my second dad and taught me so many things I needed to know. Without him there is no way I would be standing here.

My faith has brought me from the jail cell and not knowing if I wanted to live, to this beautiful life I have with my wife and family who love me. I work every day to make them proud and to be the best man I can for them. My wife deserves so much more than me.

God has plans bigger than we can understand. This gas station is a second chance. God took something that should have destroyed me and turned it into an opportunity to feed hungry people, to pay for motels for people who are stranded, and to take care of my employees who have become like family.

I hire people who are searching for second chances like I was. I am so proud to see them making the most of their opportunities. Too many people have come to this gas station and left here different, including me. This corner has become a place of second chances.

Be honest with my story. I know parts of it will be criticized, but I also want this to be a story of hope and redemption. I have an amazing life that I could never have planned. God has turned my life around.”

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