I always want to remember this day

May 21, 2019
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I always want to remember this day

I always want to remember this day

“I had two days off so we drove here from Chattanooga. We Googled places in the South and we came down here to see art. We are theater majors and just graduated from college.”

“She is going to New York to paint sets and I am going to Illinois to be a stage manager for summer jobs in theater. I have stage managed five shows and love making things run perfect. It is high pressure but I can do it.”
“We became good friends last year when we were cast in a show together and we became joined at the hip. Now I can’t imagine life without her. I hope we still get to do theater and random adventures together no matter where we are.”
“It still hasn’t hit us that we have graduated and are about to make money doing what we love. This is a great moment in our lives.”
“It is visually beautiful here. It is like being in a daze. I want to always remember this day.”

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