I am 44 years old and have never missed a fair

July 28, 2018
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I am 44 years old and have never missed a fair

I am 44 years old and have never missed a fair

“This is the 129th year of the Neshoba County Fair. It started as a way for farmers to get together and trade goods and it grew every year. There are livestock shows and you can still win ribbons for the biggest tomatoes and watermelons. There is also a triathlon. Everyone from this area has a fair cabin. As families got bigger, people started getting their own cabins. My family got too big and we bought this one the day we saw the For Sale sign. I am 44 and never missed a fair.

We live here for 11 days in July but start making and freezing food and loading in a month before. The first Monday in May they cut the power on and people start coming out for graduation parties or to get their cabins ready. They cut the power off the week after the fair. There are 600 something cabins and another 500 campers. The cabins sell fast because they aren’t building anymore of them.

Ours is an old cabin and it is on ‘Bourbon Street.’Some cabins have three story bunks and you may or may not know the person sleeping next to you. The cabin across from us sleeps 72 people. There are horse races in the afternoon and a rodeo and concerts at night. On the weekend we will go until 3 Or 4 in the morning. You never know who is going to show up here.

The teenagers have biscuit time. We stay at the pavilion until the bands end about 1:30 a.m. We have a curfew and have to be on the porch after that but we can stay up as late as we want to. We stay up until the sun comes up and go the Piggly Wiggly food truck at sunrise and they have biscuits for us. It doesn’t count if you haven’t stayed up all night. Then we sleep until the races in the afternoon. The fair is fun for all of us.”

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