I am a registered sex offender

June 11, 2019
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I am a registered sex offender

I am a registered sex offender

“We were sexually abused by my grandfather after we moved in with him. My mother and aunt. My two sisters, my brother and me. My grandfather was jailed before I was born on pedophile charges. He raped his daughters and grandchildren living with him. I felt trapped. Even if I had said something, no one would have helped me. My mother was being raped, too.

I did six months in jail because I was accused of touching my 6 year-old-stepdaughter. I took the plea bargain and got six months in jail. My wife left me. I am a registered sex offender and have to keep checking in. Most people won’t hire sex offenders and I blew the good jobs I had. I live in a tent in the woods behind a gas station and am in the hospital because of my seizures. I don’t have a car and eat food the gas station leaves out for us at the end of the night. It hurts to see my kids because I am homeless and not the dad they need me to be. My sisters are homeless and lost custody of their kids. My grandfather started a legacy of children without parents. Drinking is the only way to relieve the pain and let go of the memories.”

This is Ray’s story from “The Secrets Inside.” Part two in the series “Sexual Slavery in South Alabama.” It is in the Lagniappe this week or you can read it online at www.lagniappemobile.com.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I also interviewed this man in the hospital a few months ago at the urging of a couple of people. It was a chilling experience for me. His story is one of dysfunction beyond imagination. Being alone in the room with a pedophile that preys on young girls took me back to my childhood and sexual abuse at a very young age. I wept for that girl child that resides inside me still.
    I was aware he too had been a victim but it did not lessen my pain. I wish him no ill will, but my heart doubts he will ever be well… primarily because he claims he is innocent of the charges.

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