I am a student from Nepal

April 21, 2018
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I am a student from Nepal

I am a student from Nepal

“I came here to the water to refresh myself. I like the sound of the waves. Positive energy and motivation come from the water. I am here for peace. I am from Nepal and getting my masters in mechanical engineering from South Alabama. I will get my doctorate in systems engineering and get some work experience here, then go back home. I came here in 2015 and sometimes I miss home but I have been happy in Mobile. I will probably graduate in 2020. This is my first time to the U.S. I had been working in India but my friends were going to school here and told me about their experiences. It was hard to adjust to leaving Nepal and going to India and going to a new environment I wasn’t comfortable in. That built me as a man and I can adjust and be anywhere now. I want to take what I have learned back to Nepal. We need systems engineers there and I can teach there. I want to go back to Nepal and make a difference.”

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  1. It’s my belief that stories like this are often missed when discussing people coming to the United States. We have an ability to help others and through this young man’s strength, he may one day make his community in Nepal better. I’m impressed with his efforts and wish him the best of luck.

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