I am a tough old bird

January 18, 2018
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I am a tough old bird

I am a tough old bird

“I still get breakouts from agent orange. It looks like leprosy. I did two years and seven months in combat in Cambodia and Laos. I was a river rat and was in charge of seven boats when our commander was killed by friendly fire. We were coming in hot and about 40 people were killed. I was a heroin addict for 43 years, I have been clean for 14 after flatlining several times. The last time was on my birthday. I am in a wheelchair because I was crossing the street in Gulfport four years ago and a woman ran a red light and hit me and paralyzed my leg. The flag is upside down because this country and this nation is in distress. I am the seventh son of a seventh son and my mother was 100 percent Choctaw. I am a tough old bird.”

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  1. Carl Simmons says:

    It’s a shame that our veterans are not treated well. I’m a veteran myself from the same era. I don’t know his situation but whatever it is I’m praying for you brother. I love you.

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