I am an Uber driver and every ride is a party in my car

August 7, 2019
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I am an Uber driver and every ride is a party in my car

I am an Uber driver and every ride is a party in my car

“You are riding with Uber Dancing Queen, the number one Uber driver in Washington D.C. I worked as the front desk manager at a hotel for 15 years. A friend told me about Uber and the first thing I thought of was having a party in my car. I started just with glowsticks, balloons and Dancing Queen music and Brittany Spears. I decorated for holidays and people loved it so I have decorations all year with lights and flowers. They write me notes that say ‘you put a smile on my face’ and ‘best ride of my life’ and I put those notes up in the car. They are surprised when they get in. Americans as a culture don’t talk with strangers, but music breaks that down and we all sing “Summer Nights” together. When I see people laugh and smile, it makes me proud.

I am an Egyptian-American citizen. I lived in Rome and met my ex-wife there. Her family lived in Virginia so we moved here. Our divorce was hard.  Life is weird and God is messy sometimes. I know I broke your heart but I give you something else and a way to handle it. The divorce broke my heart and then I got Uber Dancing Queen. After a rough time, other doors open and it is a relief. A big relief.
I have been in the newspapers and the TV. I want to be in the movies. Some actors from Dark Knight follow me on Instagram. Fashion people and politicians also follow me. Some from the Congress, Senate, and White House. People have long weeks and bad days and they need some fun and joy in life, even if it is a little thing like this.”
Tuffa, Washington D.C.’s Uber Dancing Queen

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