I am building a super high-tech castle

June 13, 2020
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I am building a super high-tech castle

I am building a super high-tech castle

“I am building a super high-tech castle with an Army truck. There are lots of canons, bridges, flags, and a spaceship When there are big waves, this surfer floats and comes back to the land and you catch him quick. A girl gave him to me. I love space legos. I just turned seven. I got a puppy for my birthday. His name is Sarge and he is a chocolate lab. He is the noisiest. I had another chocolate lab and his name was Logan. He passed away. I really miss him. My mom made me a three- headed dragon cake for my birthday.”

“It took me a while to do it. I make his birthday cakes because my mom made cakes for him. That is my creativity for the year. He is my only child. Each year, I think this is the best year. When he was born, we woke before the sun rose and I would be on the beach with him building castles in the sand. We would walk the beach, gather things, and build in the sand. This was my childhood, you couldn’t get me away from the beach with my parents and grandparents. Nothing mattered and I enjoyed every moment of it. Now I share the beach with him.

I worked at JC Penney and they put us in furlough. They filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and I don’t know what will happen. I love my job and the people I work with. That made the difference in not getting paid much. I am on unemployment now. I worked from home the first five years of his life and I see now how much the job took me away and how much I was missing. This time with him has been a Godsend and I get to stop and be all his. He was three and turned seven in a flash.

I cut my Facebook account for a month during the quarantine. and I was much more relieved and unstressed. I had to get back on to end up the school year and it feels like what happened here. There are dark sides and true colors that I never knew. I also realized I spent way too much money and I am learning to save and be happy with what I have. I am realizing again that family and friends are important. Not things you buy. I want these lessons and changes to last after the Coronavirus
is over.”

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