I am doing 30 good deeds for my 30th birthday

August 10, 2019
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I am doing 30 good deeds for my 30th birthday

I am doing 30 good deeds for my 30th birthday

“I turned 30 today and I am trying to do 30 good things for my 30th birthday. In my earlier years my birthday was all about partying, so this year I wanted to give back instead of being selfish. It turned into a lawn mowing marathon. I mowed eight lawns with a push mower and it was 108 degrees with the heat index. I am also raising money for St. Jude’s. One person was a little skeptical and told me I wouldn’t be able to do thirty good deeds in a day. He was correct. Some people came to me with things that were unfathomable in a day. Thirty for 30 doesn’t stop today and I will continue through this week and this month. I am open to suggestions. 

I am a delivery driver and make 30 stops a day, I thought this would be easy. I didn’t plan for connecting with people. I realized I couldn’t just ‘smash-and-grab’ and a 15-minute job became an hour job because of the conversation and time with those I helped. I had been down and thought of this. I have been happy all day and realized how helping others changes you and lifts you up. This is new to me and I have been on the verge of tears of happiness. I am going to do a few more good deeds and party later tonight. It is dirty thirty.

It is so easy to not help, to stay in your walls, but it is just as easy to step out of yourself and to see someone else. My friends have told me that they want to do this for their birthday. What would happen if everyone around Mobile did 28 for 28, 45 for 45, or 62 for 62 around their birthdays? Can you imagine how great this place would be?”

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