I am handling myself better as a young man

November 21, 2017
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I am handling myself better as a young man

I am handling myself better as a young man

“I have been working at The Battle House Hotel for the last two years. I have done some boxing, too. I moved around a lot between Cleveland, Ohio, Washington D.C. and Mobile. My grandma thought it would be better for me to live in the North and have better opportunities. The Boys and Girls Club was good for me there. I am still looking for ways to improve myself. I want to help kids who are younger than me and help turn their lives around. I am handling myself better as a young man and taking better care of myself. There is so much stuff and problems coming at one time, but there is good stuff coming, too. I have some good people in my life who have helped me.

Living below the poverty line is hard. A lot of people don’t go to school because of hygiene because people make fun of them. They don’t have the stuff they need or even utilities to take care of their hygiene. There is so much to learn. It takes people with confidence who made it through to help you.

I have an associates degree from Bishop State but I really wanted to go to school for archaeology. I like bones and discovering stuff. I have started thinking about having my own business. Maybe a convenience store. I want a job that pays a little more to get out of poverty. I live check to check and barely cover the bills. When times get hard, I look at my tattoo. You can be down and at your worst, but a year from now you can be at your best when you have good people in your life. I want that to be my story and I want to help that be other people’s story, too.”

2 comments on “I am handling myself better as a young man”

  1. Deominique says:

    i love this article this young man is a great young man in the upcoming world

  2. De'Sha Matthews says:

    Son you have came a long ways & I’m so very proud of you baby!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

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