I am holding on to hope

May 11, 2019
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I am holding on to hope

I am holding on to hope

“I am taking a break from work. I went to school at Spring Hill and stayed in Mobile to be a graphic designer. When I was in elementary school, my mom gave me an HTML book and I read it. I build websites now. I am an only child and my mom is a big influence in my life. I am sending her a nice pair of kicks for Mother’s Day. She asked for shoes. She is in New Orleans. I grew up there and miss it. I went through Katrina my sophomore year of high school. There was water to the ceiling in the home I grew up in. It was my grandparents’ house and I lived there with my cousins. A lot of us grew up in that house. It was in the ninth ward, close to where the levees broke. Everything from my childhood was gone. I still remember the smell.  People took care of each other after Katrina. I love the South for that hospitality.

I am going through a divorce right now. it is tough and not what I wanted but I am holding on to my faith. I come out here and have devotionals and get some peace. I am a planner and I have no idea what is going to happen next. Sometimes you have to get out of the way and let life take you where you are supposed to go. I am healing and in a better place than I was two weeks ago. It helps to hold on to hope.”

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  1. Maggie Mosteller says:

    You have been through many difficulties in your young life and I am encouraged and inspired by your faith and trust in life. My faith is in retrospect because it gives me the confidence of knowing I have been guided and protected all along. This allows me to trust that whatever comes, I will be given the grace and strength to embrace it. In all things let us be thankful and continue to encourage one another.

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