I am still trying to figure out why I drew this

March 1, 2018
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I am still trying to figure out why I drew this

I am still trying to figure out why I drew this

“I am taking a little time to cool off and relax. Today I am sketching. I don’t know why I drew the plane going down or the wings that say “Help Us.” I am still trying to figure out where that came from. I am a senior and thinking about going to Eastern Nazarene in Boston. For some reason, I feel drawn to that area but I have never been there. I have senioritis and am also a little scared about the future. Everything is happening so fast and this is the first time in months that I have had time to sit and think about myself. A lot of things have happened lately and I am trying to get my mind off the bad things and let go of them. I know I am going to be okay. I have a unique gift that I can feel what people are feeling. If they are sad, I feel sad, too. It helps me understand what they are going through. I want to be a doctor and travel the world helping others. My mother is a single mother and I saw how badly she was treated at the doctor’s office when she couldn’t afford to pay. I want to be a doctor with a heart to help people even if they don’t have the money. The money doesn’t matter as long as I am helping someone. I am close to my mom. I have three little sisters and I have always helped with them.”

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  1. Dawn says:

    You have been given a very precious gift & you sound like you know how to use it! That is the 1st step that a lot of people never realize. Jesus says to live in today, for tomorrow will bring its own set of problems; so take it one day at a time & don’t worry about it. Fear of the future will only stop you from what God has in store … & fear is not from God. Stay close to Him & He will calm your fears & walk with you.
    Getting ready to graduate is exciting & the future can be so scarey! Instead of worrying, think about it, check out all of the details, check out the surrounding restaurants in the town, etc until you know everything about the place you are thinking of attending…Then you can make a more confident decision and it won’t seem so scarey.
    I am proud of you! Enjoy the beginning of growing up!

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