I am thankful I get to make music for a living

March 13, 2019
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I am thankful I get to make music for a living

I am thankful I get to make music for a living

“My parents are musicians. My mom learned how to read music before she could read words and I learned how to sing from her. My dad was in a band and a worship leader at church.  There was always a guitar around and my brothers and I taught ourselves how to play. My brother Brandon listened to funk and Motown, so I listened to that, too. I was in jazz band in high school and that opens you up to all types of music. My band Yeah, Probably has those influences and we play everything, even country, if we like the song. We are about to begin a three-week residency on Wednesday nights at The Maple Leaf in New Orleans. This is a big deal for us because it is the first gig where we can play our own songs and dig inside of what we enjoy the most. Not just the party tunes and crowd pleasers. I am learning how to be a lead singer because I am more reserved than I want to be on stage.  I have a fear of talking when a microphone is in front of me and I am supposed to be interacting with a huge group of people at once. Singing is easy, talking is much harder. The other guys in the band are good at entertaining and I play off of them. I am getting better.

Yeah, Probably will soon start working on our first album. I have a long list of notes and phrases on my phone and songs start from there. The band comes from different backgrounds, but we write as a group and our voices come together as one. Our guitar player comes up with beautiful chord structures and I love writing melodies over that. I don’t know what to expect or what the album will sound like, but I am excited about creating together. I also want to do a solo album to get my personal thoughts out. My style is more pop than the indie pop soul of Yeah, Probably. Both albums will probably be recorded this summer. 

I was born without an ear on my left side and only have hearing in my right ear. I don’t know anything different so I don’t know if it affects my music. Doctors drilled a hole to make an eardrum and used one of my ribs to make the outside of it. I had 10 or 11 surgeries that went through much of my childhood and it was hard on me and my parents. I raced motocross and met my wife Brooke at a dirt bike camp in Arkansas when I was 14. We started as a long distance relationship before her family moved down here.  The letters and phone calls were a good way to get to know her and we have been together ever since. I will get back into motorcycles when our little boy Aiden is old enough to ride. Brooke is also a singer so our house is filled with music. Aiden dances and sings and is growing up just like me.

I was a paramedic for a little while, but the dream was always to be a full-time musician. I just took over leading the praise and worship band at Fairhope United Methodist Church from my dad. I am thankful that I get to make music for a living and my job is what I love to do. Music has always connected my family. Now it helps me support my own.”

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