I am the original Heinz 57

September 1, 2018
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I am the original Heinz 57

I am the original Heinz 57

“I grew up in a small community in the river delta above Buck’s Landing in Mobile County. I am a mixed breed of Choctaw Indian, Cherokee Indian, Caucasian, and African American. I am the original Heinz 57. We know what prejudice was because we were rejected by blacks, whites, and other Indians and couldn’t go to the black or white schools in Citronelle. Once you realize that God created us all as equal, it doesn’t hurt as bad.

My mom and her brother had some college and taught school and  I was the first one out of my community to get a college degree.  I started out in pre-med, got into Chemistry and have a masters degree in organic chemistry.  Math and chemistry came easily to me. I graduated, went into the Air Force and served in Vietnam. Walter Cronkrite read the Vietnam casualty list every night on the news. My sister said you could hear a pin drop every night in my mother’s living room when he read that list.
Driving the bus is my third retirement. I love driving kids and taking people to sporting events.”

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