I am the produce manager and he is the meat manager

December 2, 2016
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I am the produce manager and he is the meat manager

I am the produce manager and he is the meat manager

“I am the produce manager and he is the meat manager. We order everything and make sure it looks good and pull it when it goes bad. We also sell to restaurants and have to know what to keep on hand. I have been working here for 25 years and he has been working here a long time too, so we usually know what to expect and how to order. Sometimes a family reunion of cookout throws us off.”

“What do you do with what you don’t sell?”

“We reduce the price, the rest is thrown away. We used to give it to pig farmers and people with rabbits or Manna House, but you can’t do that anymore with the new health laws. You have to cover your back and protect yourself against a lawsuit. We don’t like it, but that is the way it is.”

“‘We are just coming off of Thanksgiving. We sold 1200 turkeys and 1600 hams. That doesn’t count the ones who ordered 16 cases. The hardest part of the job is dealing with employees. I do all of the cutting of the meat and all of it has to be processed. The chicken is the only thing that comes in pre-cut. The cow is broken into sections but it used to come in as half a cow. I grew up with my dad cutting deer and killing hogs and cows. We lived on a plantation and worked with cotton and soybeans. I never knew this is what I was going to do. I enlisted in the Marines after high school but had a car wreck and couldn’t get in because of my eyesight so I came to work at the grocery store.”

“We had a pig pen and slaughtered pigs and chickens. I grew up wringing chicken’s necks. Kids don’t know how to do that today. We both grew up in Bentonia but we didn’t know each other, he grew up further down the road than I did.”

“I left for a while to Florida, Atlanta and Chicago. They weren’t for me. I couldn’t wait to get back to Yazoo City. I love going to casinos. I take $20 with me and when it is gone I am done. I am not addicted to gambling, I am addicted to the atmosphere.”

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