I came here to make ends meet

January 11, 2019
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I came here to make ends meet

I came here to make ends meet

“I like wearing this hat to brighten people’s day.  I have been at Chic-Fil-A for six years and have been wearing hats the whole time. I have four different hats and just took the Christmas one off. It is part of my uniform now and who I am taking care of guests. I love this company. They have been so good for me. I had a hair salon before this and my business went down and I came here to make ends meet. I know my guests’ orders and names. My customers look for me. They tell me I bring joy to them, but they bring joy to me. My mama is a warm-hearted person and I get it from her. I want to work here as long as I can and make people happy. That is what I did at my hair salon and I hope I get to have my own salon again one day.”

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  1. DAWN says:

    You are so needed! Spread your joy…it can change another’s day! It is a gift you have been given to share & you are doing a wonderful job❣

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