I can mark the seasons when I return to Fairhope and look at my life

August 18, 2019
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I can mark the seasons when I return to Fairhope and look at my life

I can mark the seasons when I return to Fairhope and look at my life

“I am visiting my parents. I started working in TV in New York and then moved to LA. I was an actor for a short time but realized acting was not what I wanted to do. I love to write and tell stories. I am a producer on Home & Family, a two-hour daily talk show on the Hallmark Channel with cooking, do it yourself segments, and celebrity interviews. I am responsible for two weeks of two-hour shows per month. I create the content, book the talent, and choose the recipes. I assign these to a team of great producers who make it happen. It is a lot of pressure. Things are always changing and I have to stay flexible, but I have the groove of it by now.  The show caters to a Southern audience and my taste is influenced by the growing up in the South. My 85-year-old grandmother watches it every day and gives me commentary.  My parents have been so supportive and let me figure life out on my own. We are on hiatus for a week so I came home.

I grew up in the church but got away from my faith when I moved to New York. I thought I had been fooled by religion. I tucked it away and didn’t pray or go to church. For five years I looked successful on the outside but was dark on the inside. I moved to L.A. and had a deep desire for finding my husband. I knew I couldn’t do that without God. I approached God for the first time on my own but I wasn’t ready for my husband because I wasn’t the person he deserved. In church one day, God’s voice said, “Run to me and there I will be.” After the service, I went to the beach in Santa Monica and felt God there, waiting for me to come back to him. I had to tear everything down to let God build it back up in his divine process. I went to Alaska by myself and the God who created all of that beauty told me he had plans for me. I became fulfilled and happy with who I was and knew God was with me.
In October of last year, I met the man who will be my husband. I prayed so specifically for this person that there was no confusion when we met. At the end of our first date, he took me to the beach. It was the exact spot I went when God had said run to me. God has changed my life so profoundly and I am attending seminary in September.  I hope God will merge my faith and experiences with storytelling. My mom went to seminary and my grandmother taught Bible study for 50 years. There is a strong line of women and faith in my family. I want to better understand the Bible and teach my children in a more educated way.
I can mark the seasons when I return to Fairhope and sit by the bay looking back at my life. So much has changed since I sat here a year ago. I was dealing with some hard things and the only way out was through them. But a few months later I met the man God chose for me. I am so grateful to be where I am today.”

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