I can’t imagine a life without music

January 30, 2019
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I can’t imagine a life without music

I can’t imagine a life without music

“I started singing when I was about five years old and started playing guitar at 11. I got into the classics from the 40s to 70s and play old jazz, country R&B and soul. I can’t imagine a life without music and it moves me every day of life.
I have been working at Sun Studio for three years. Before I started giving tours, I was terrified of public speaking and didn’t know if I could tell stories. I can sing in front of a crowd of 1,000 people with no problem. I am most comfortable expressing myself through music, but I love the story and the history of Sun Studio and it fell into place. Giving tours has helped me engage with people as a musician. I had worked in restaurants trying to support my music. Getting this job changed my life and I have met people from around the world including rockabilly musicians from Italy and England. This is the mecca of rock and roll and it is a pilgrimage for anyone who loves music. We give free tickets to touring musicians who are passing through.
I also get to record my music here. The first song I recorded was for my grandfather for Christmas. My grandfather’s dad was Merlin Wiles and he was a songwriter in California. He wrote a song in the ’40s called ‘I’ll hold you in my heart.’ At some point, he got tired of the music industry and left it forever. He sold the rights to that song to Eddie Arnold who made it famous. Elvis performed the song in the ’68 Comeback Special. My grandfather helped mentor Elvis with martial arts. I stood on the spot in the room where Elvis recorded and recorded that song.
I lost a friend earlier this year. He was about my age and died of a heart attack. I never felt loss like that before and I have been going through a lot of grief. It has also given me an appreciation for life and made me realize I don’t know when my time is up. He was a musician and pushed me to record my music. I had a recording session scheduled for the day after he died. I didn’t want to record that day, but I did it anyway for him. I am now working on this album for him and me. I have two songs down. One is a soul song I wrote called “You Gotta Move Me” and the other is a cover of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man.”
I am living the dream. I am making a living with music and get to talk about music that changed the world. Every day I am grateful for it. When I feel the connection with people when I am singing or giving tours, it is priceless.”
(Her name is Tiffany Harmon and you should look up her music)

2 comments on “I can’t imagine a life without music”

  1. Margie Ann Bland says:

    Tiffany is a very gifted singer.

  2. Martha Stephens says:

    Wonderful musician. Great write up .

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