I escape and do fun things … Neurologists are nerds

December 15, 2015
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I escape and do fun things … Neurologists are nerds

I escape and do fun things … Neurologists are nerds

“I get to hear the stores and get insight into people’s lives in context of the nervous system not working properly. It is fascinating to see how eloquent the nervous system is and what happens when it goes wrong. People tell me things they don’t share with anyone else. It is difficult for them to talk about, and my goals is for them to leave the room with some hope. It is inspiring to see families step up and take care of each other.

The best part of the job is being able to help stroke victims. People come in and can’t move the side of their bodies and I give them a clot-busting medication and they get better before my eyes. That is rewarding. In college, I wanted to be a researcher, not a doctor, but I became fascinated with nervous system problems in people who had strokes and went to medical school to be a stroke neurologist. People are also training here to be neurologists and I get to influence and teach them.

I escape and do fun things: fishing, golf and Jacksonville Jaguar football. Neurologists are nerds. They are very cerebral, cognitive, and not the most socially adept people. I’ve got the cerebral, nerdy part, but when I am away from here and out with people, they think I am kidding when I tell them what I do. I am a normal person and I have a personality, but I like to keep the two worlds apart.”

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