I Got Everything From My Mama

February 19, 2017
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I Got Everything From My Mama

I Got Everything From My Mama

“I have been away from Mobile for 30 years and just got back three years ago. I went around the world working as an auditor for the Department of Defense. I went to the Panama Canal, Alaska, Japan, Germany, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. I went to college at Tulane to see the world and graduated in accounting through the Upward Bound program. I got my undergraduate and masters degree from Tulane for free. The Civil Rights Act had just passed and they wanted nurses and accountants. The night I graduated from college, I caught a plane straight to Washington D.C. to work for Housing and Urban Development. At age 24, I went to Europe by myself and worked in Paris for the Department of Defense. I have always been independent. When I was a child the sisters told my mother, ‘this is a child who takes off running and never looks back.’ That is true. I loved living in Germany and I would go back and live in Puerto Rico.”

“I have seen the world, and did everything I wanted to do, now I want to be in Mobile and I am happy here. If my life was offered to me to do all over again, I would do it all, but I would have more kids. I only have one daughter and I was married to former mayor Sam Jones.”

“My daddy named me Blondie. He was a fool but I loved him to death. My last name is Perrine. Nothing about that name says African American. I have surprised people all of my life. I was in Indianapolis when I retired and got very sick. I was in the hospital for six months. After that, it was time to come home to my family. My daughter was here and I have 8 siblings and all of us are living. My mother died three days after I moved back here. She was a hell of a dame. I got my brains from her. She was a librarian at the library on Government Street and at 55 went to school to get her degree in library science. I do math and reading tutoring in public schools. It makes my blood pressure go up to see a child in sixth grade who can’t read. I want to grow old with my grandchildren. My mother paid for two burial plots, one for her and one for me next to her. I got everything from my mama.”

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  1. richard a young says:

    Blondie is a very beautiful person. I worked with her in Alaska and Hawaii and Indianapolis. The second thing I think of about Blondie is she was always dressed to “KILL” I remember all the great looks we got in Hawaii when we walked from the ferry to the building we worked in. I remember one day she had on a beautiful summer dress with this gold Versace belt that accented her hour glass figure. Take care.LOL

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