I had to come here and help

September 26, 2020
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I had to come here and help

I had to come here and help

“Sally hit my house but it is okay structurally. We lost trees and the commissary where we make our relish and out buildings are messed up.

Redd’s Hotdogs has been in Robertsdale between Wendy’s and El Rodeo for 31 years. My dad started it and when he got sick, I took it over. My dad was a boiler maker and when he retired he wanted to sit on the side of the road and take care of the guys he worked with. So he sold hot dogs. I owned a tackle store and was a nursing assistant for the state of Alabama. When dad got sick, I sold out my part of the business so I could take the hot dog stand over for him. This was his dream when he retired and he was happy taking care of people. I wanted to make sure he stayed happy. I worked with him the last six months of his life and that was one of the best times in mine. He passed away in 2010.

When there was a bad storm or people needed help, dad gave out hotdogs at the fire department or gas station across the street. We didn’t realize the scope of this hurricane until we came here a couple of days ago. Rob emptied out the store at his Shell gas station and gave out foods and hugs. We knew we had to come here and help. When you are taking care of people and they are breaking down saying they never thought they would ask for food, it gets to you. Especially the older people. We will keep coming back to feed and help them.”

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