I had to keep going and living

January 24, 2019
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I had to keep going and living

I had to keep going and living

“I am waiting on the bus. I just got back from physical therapy. My back will never be fixed but the physical therapy helps ease the pain. I take the bus three days a week. I served in Vietnam for 28 months and blew up stuff. It was a hard time. I got out of active duty and worked for the railroad building and repairing bridges. I served 27 years in the military. I retired from that and then retired from the railroad. I am taking it easy now and go fishing every chance I get. My friends give me rides for that. I take a vacation or two every year. In 1995, my mother died one week and my wife died the next. That was a bad year and the hardest thing I have been through. I had to keep going and living.  I love Mardi Gras and that used to be one of my weeks of vacation. I love this city. There are good people here. It is a beautiful place but can be a little hard to get around.   June 2017, I had a quadruple bypass but I am not going anywhere. I want to keep enjoying people and being kind to them.”

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  1. Renea says:

    Bless you for your service and sacrifice. We are glad you are staying here!

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