I hadn’t seen him in 30 years

February 13, 2019
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I hadn’t seen him in 30 years

I hadn’t seen him in 30 years

“I met Damont 31 years ago when I babysat his baby brother. We lost touch until a few months ago. I moved away and went through a rough patch in my life after I lost my mom. It made me grounded spiritually. I moved back to Mobile in 2013. When I moved back home, his mom came to my house every so often to check on me. His other brothers also kept in touch with me. His baby brother was interacting with one of my stepsisters and came to my house to play cards. He got on the phone with Damont who was incarcerated and serving a life sentence. I briefly talked to Damont that night. Years passed, I had other relationships. Some were abusive in all aspects. One day I ran into his mom and she said Damont was out.”

“I was in Holman Correctional Facility 17 years for armed robbery. I was supposed to be in for life, but I had faith that one day I would get out. God told me I was going to go home but I needed to stay focused and positive. I got out on July 5, 2017. I am happy and at peace. I am thankful for my freedom. God is a God of second chances and I am not going back. I want to be a mentor to boys and help them say out of trouble.”

“One day I went to Greer’s to grocery shop, which is not where I normally go. I ran into a classmate who kept talking and held me up in the fruit and veggie aisle. Then I saw a cousin and she held me up by the onions. I guess God was having me wait until Damont walked in the store to get an onion. I hadn’t seen him in 30 years. I hugged him and said it was good to see him. There was a spark there. I believe in divine intervention and that God held me there that day. If I had walked to the back and continued my grocery shopping or left sooner, I would not have run into him.”

“She was looking so good. There was something special in her eyes. I went home and told my mama I wanted Kizzy to be my woman. That was about five months ago. I knew I had just found the woman for me.”

“The chemistry was strong because we knew each other. I had prayed to God to help me find the right man. I was tired and had quit looking. I was just home, school, and church. I wanted my husband to find me and I was going to keep my hands out of it. When I get my hands in, it doesn’t turn out right. God sent me my husband. We are engaged. I have never felt the love that I feel right now. If he leaves, I wouldn’t be able to breathe.”

“I am not going anywhere.”

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