I have always been a planner and tried to excel in school

August 6, 2020
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I have always been a planner and tried to excel in school

I have always been a planner and tried to excel in school

“I leave August 12 for Auburn. I am enrolled in the Harbert College of Business. I will double major in finance and information systems management. I may enroll at a top law school and get an MBA/JD degree with a master’s in business and a Juris Doctor. One day I can be a CIO, COO, or CEO. Maybe I will be an analyst with the gas industry or one of the top investors on Wall Street or a top litigator in New York. I just want to stretch and go as far as I can go and never stop.

I have always been a planner and tried to excel in school. It is exciting to be a few days away from the next step of my dream and putting plans into action. I know not every answer will be a yes and there are some things I won’t get. I am working right now on an application for the Harvard College of Business student council. I want to one day be an SGA officer.

As a kid, I studied instead of playing outside. I was smart and getting smarter motivated me. My mother was a single parent and raised me with the help of my grandmother. It was always the three of us with the support of my aunts and uncles. The block I lived on in Theodore was filled with family and I went to elementary school with my cousins. I am the first in my close family to go to college. I want to inspire others in my family and neighborhood that you can work hard and give yourself a better future. I loved books and math and going to school. My best friends were in honors classes and met at Carpe Diem to work on essays and homework. That is the fun I had growing up.

I got into Dunbar Magnet after the school year had started, but it was the best seven months of my life. I went to Baker High School, but wanted a smaller school. I enrolled in McGill my junior year and that is where my drive really took off. I learned I could excel under pressure and be my own advocate and speak up for my own education. Some family members didn’t understand why I worked as hard as I did or why I pushed so hard to get into other schools. I woke up at 5 a.m. to catch the bus at 5:30 to get to Baker. I would get there at about 6:30. Some other kids did that, too, because we were determined to get a good education. There are opportunities such as Signature Academies, IB, and AP Capstone in Mobile to take your education farther. Check out the options for what is available at each school because sometimes you have to open your own doors.

I am saying my last goodbye with friends and already getting ready for calculus. The classes are online and are going to take some extra effort, so I am starting now. I learned from my mama to work hard and walk by faith, not by sight. She taught me to be my own person. I am an only child and finally getting to achieve the things I have talked her ear off about.”

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  1. Soynika Edwards-Bush says:

    I love this!! He made me wanna open a book!!! I admire his mama, she allowed him to carver out his own space in the world.

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