I have been clean for 12 years. My mother knew I turned my life around

May 28, 2017
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I have been clean for 12 years. My mother knew I turned my life around

I have been clean for 12 years. My mother knew I turned my life around

“I have been a server/bartender for 30 something years. I started out as a busser in Minneapolis. I love serving people and I don’t meet any strangers. Taking care of people and making them happy is in my soul. My mother told me to love what you do and you will be the best at it. That is how I live. Each day I love to get up and see life. I am number nine of 13 children and was born at home with a midwife in Camden, Alabama. If you hit one of us, you had to hit all of us.

My mother was my biggest supporter when she was alive but there was a time I made it hard for her. I was on crack for 15-16 years and I have been clean for 12. I started just sampling it and got hooked over time. I think it was the third time for crack. It was an escape. I was about 30 and had been moving from place place, not loving myself. I was smoking marijuana but wanted to try something different. I always had a job and a love for people but at certain times my body shut down and I had to get high. I went to nine different rehabs and was kidding myself until I went to Serenity Care. It was do or die, with enough rope to help myself or hang myself and I helped myself. I don’t struggle with drugs anymore. I know several people who are addicted. I pick them up and ride them around or give them a couple of dollars or things they need. I talk with them about where I was and where I am now and encourage them that there is a better way. That was a rocky road and dark hole I don’t ever want to go back to. Getting clean changed my life and I am so much better than I was. I also help the homeless and the forgotten. I was homeless in the fact that I was in so many rehabs I didn’t have a home. I would stay for 2-3 weeks at a brother or sister’s house and then it was time for me to go. Something would always go down wrong. My mother never gave up on me, but my family did. They called it tough love and that actually helped me out a lot because they weren’t going for the lying and cheating anymore. Mother never turned me down or away. When she died, I had been clean and free for nine years so she knew I had turned my life around. I will be clean and free when I see her again.

God got me through. I heard His voice say, ‘Leroy,’ that is my other personality, everyone has a split personality. Leroy did drugs and the bad things. When I heard God speak to me, I knew it was time to quit. God saved me so I could help others. If you love yourself and God loves you and your mother loves you, that is all you need. I am honored and thankful that God is in my corner. I encourage people to leave drugs alone, there is no reason to try it. I still smoke cigarettes, I can’t give up everything.

I have a degree in fashion merchandising and realized it is not for me, but when I go home for the holidays I put on a little family fashion show at a family reunion or church social. It is often the clothes you never wear, like the evening gown or bridesmaid dress. When I turn 65, I want to open up a charm school to teach kids to be more respectful and teach them manners, how to dress and how to be a lady or gentleman. I do a lot of acting. Drama was what I liked in school, but I am real and genuine. I don’t like phony

I serve a signature drink called the Clintion and you should try it. It is anything you drink–rum, vodka, and my little secret ingredients. Everyone loves it.”

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