I have been through death my whole life

November 1, 2019
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I have been through death my whole life

I have been through death my whole life

“My boyfriend’s tattoo says, “We will always have each other.” Mine says, “When everyone else is gone.” We were at dinner and he asked if our relationship could make it. I said, I think so. We are good together and neither one of us had to change who we are. He said let’s get a tattoo and this is what we found. We met after he saw me working at a gas station and started asking around. I had a difficult life and had dated an abuser. I didn’t want to date again or be with anyone else, including him. After his best friend committed suicide, I told him he could come over and talk, but he could not get out of his car because my kids were sleeping. For four months he came over when I got off work and we just sat in his car and talked. We became best friends. We are getting married next year and will have six kids from our two families. 

I was able to help him through the death of his best friend because I have been through death my whole life. My dad died when I was two and I never knew him. My sister was murdered in 2000 by her husband. She was 19 and had a seven-month-old baby in the back seat.  My mom was a preacher. She had lymphoma for five years and didn’t tell anyone. We found out a year before she passed away. It was the day before my 20th birthday and I was pregnant with my twins. Before my mother passed away, my sister’s husband was sentenced to the death penalty. My mother forgave him and didn’t want the death penalty for him. I went through my downfall after my mother died and dated the abuser.  I still have my sister and two brothers but one of them made his own bad choices and is dealing with addiction.

 Life can make you or break you. I see what it has done to my brother. I have kids and can’t do that to them. I helped my boyfriend through one of the hardest times of his life, but every day he is there for me when everyone else is gone.”

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