I have crushed more than 1.5 million cans

October 25, 2020
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I have crushed more than 1.5 million cans

I have crushed more than 1.5 million cans

“I started collecting and crushing cans in the 90s when I worked at the courthouse for the U.S. Marshall Service. We collected 300,00 cans and turned them in to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes. I retired and 12 years ago I came to a rummage sale at the SPCA (The Mobile Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ). There were cans stacked along a wall and they were looking for someone to crush them. I said here I am. I have been crushing cans on Tuesdays and Fridays ever since. I used to crush them upside the wall, but I have a crusher that is like a tub with a lever that crushes the cans. The first of October we got $1,266. That was for almost 100,000 cans we had collected since March. It was 3,460 pounds.I have crushed more than 1.5 million cans and each day I wonder how many cans I get today. It is good exercise.

I grew up in Macon Georgia. I became a deputy sheriff and then a state agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. I chased the moonshiners and bootleggers. I got more than 900 stills in my career. I had my head busted open, my ear cut in two, and almost blown up with dynamite. After moonshine, I had to work with drugs and I didn’t like that. It was dangerous. I retired from the ATF and went to work for court security. I wouldn’t want to be a policeman now. It is much harder for them to do their job.

I also helped the secret service agent and protected Presidents Reagan and Carter. We went to Ohio on a train trip with Reagan. We secured the railroad track for the train to pass. I was with the Prime Minister of Sudan for a month at the UN building.

My wife passed away 10 years ago. We were married for 51 years. She was a good wife and did a lot of praying for me. She didn’t know if I was coming home each night. My daughter looks after me now.

I turn 85 on the 28th. I have been blessed and try to give back. We have a lot of fun at SPCA. I also play with the animals. They try to get me to adopt a dog, but I am never at home. I am busy at church and the bowling league. I used to work out at Planet Fitness before the virus. A group of us who have lost our spouses go out to eat on Friday nights. Then we play dominoes until about one in the morning. My daughter says I never let her stay out that late.”

The Mobile SPCA is trying to give Mr. Roy at least 85 birthday cards from the community. You can send a birthday card or drop off aluminum cans to:
Mr. Roy
Mobile SPCA
620 Zeigler Cir W
Mobile, AL 36608

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