I have to stand up for what is right

July 11, 2018
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I have to stand up for what is right

I have to stand up for what is right

“There is an uprising going on right now in Haiti. That is my home. They consider the country to be ignorant. They are raising gas prices on people who maybe make $50 a month. The people are burning everything and they are keeping this hush hush. There are no social services, there is no hope. I don’t know how to swim, but I would cross an ocean rather than to stay there. I lived in Haiti until I was 15 or 16. My family is still there and many are hiding during this. I am a death risk and can’t go back. I was brutally honest when I went back to help after the earthquake almost ten years ago and spoke out against abuse. I raised awareness of stealing and selling donations. I have to speak out for what is right.

I followed my heart to Huntsville after I reconnected with my mother’s best friend’s son. I saw him last when I was six years old. He was 17 and I was six. He found me on Facebook and we were friends in there for years before I realized who he was. I fell in love with Huntsville, It is a respectful, family-oriented place, with neighbors helping neighbors. I rebooted my life and found a safe environment for my children. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical. Mine was mental. When a woman goes through that, her soul is gone. I never realized it was happening to me because I was in it every day. I waited a long time to get married because I didn’t believe in it and forever is a long time. I got married at 35 and still got it wrong. There is something about signing that paper, it is the tie that binds. I didn’t get married to be divorced and didn’t want my children to see me as a quitter or running away from hardship. I was with him for 15 years and he would tell me I am fat, old, sick and have two kids, who would want me? I had cancer and didn’t have insurance on my own. Who would take care of the kids if something happened to me? I would tell myself to suck it up because I didn’t know if I would be around the next year. At least they will have pictures and see what a fighter I was. I tried to make it better for them. I survived cancer, got a divorce, and we are in a much better place.

My girlish dream was to own a castle where everyone who didn’t have a house could live. I help the homeless here. Sweep the floor and you can have a dress or have my lunch. If you are hungry I will feed you, If you are cold, I will cover you.”

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