I hope my daughter can learn from my story when she needs it

July 6, 2019
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I hope my daughter can learn from my story when she needs it

I hope my daughter can learn from my story when she needs it

“My daughter is my miracle. I went to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip and found out I was pregnant when we got back. I lost one child before her and I didn’t want to love her until I held her and could see she was alive. I had to protect myself. She is four now and not just my daughter, she is God’s child. Her name is Anjelica which means ‘messenger of God.”

My husband was called to be a pastor. He lost his job at the university and we trusted God that it was time for him to make the change. Now I am a pastor’s wife. Hurricanes Irma and Maria came right after he started and we lost all of the rooms on the first floor of our church. The people in our church lost everything including their homes and their memories. It was a hard, but.bad times make a nice time to be together and help each other. We saw how God let us stand up in his favor. I cooked rice and gave food to our neighbors. We fed each other. This is how we should live every day. For some reason, we forgot how to treat our neighbors.
I lost my first baby and felt depressed and lonely. There wasn’t a place for women to speak of their own issues and help each other. We were just the mothers of our children and didn’t know each other.  Now we get together once a month. We live in a machismo society and women were treated as possessions, but things are slowly getting better. Domestic violence is a big problem here and there are many abused women in our church. Five women were killed in Puerto Rico by husbands or boyfriends last month. There are laws and awareness is beginning, but violence is in the family and very different to change. God put it in in my heart to work with abused women because they are afraid for themselves and their children.
I had an abortion when I was young because that is what my boyfriend wanted when we found out I was pregnant. I went to Florida to live with family and improve my English. I got very far from God. I was drinking and using drugs to numb the pain. My stepfather died and I came back to Puerto Rico to help my mother. I met my husband and never went back to Florida.  I felt so guilty about the abortion and thought God was punishing me when I lost my first baby and it took me so long to get pregnant again.  I have begun to tell my story because I never want to go back to my old life. I have beautiful friends and I am learning with them, I am trying to start my own business making bowties. My husband wears them all of the time and now his friends want to wear them.  God has been good to me. I pray that my daughter understands our good God in her own heart. I hope she can learn from my life and my story when she needs it.”

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