I learned more about the world by serving and being in it

June 27, 2018
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I learned more about the world by serving and being in it

I learned more about the world by serving and being in it

“We had been stationed in California for a long time. She got orders and we moved to Mobile in January. It was snowing when we got here. The hardest thing was finding a church that we could agree with. We are pro-gun and pro-Bible, but it was strange seeing them together in all of the political ads. People do weird things but as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, who cares?

I served this country for a long time, whether I agreed with the mission or not. It is hard to come back and see just how spoiled most of our countrymen truly are. We don’t understand what real poverty is. When you serve your country, you are serving some of the people who you don’t agree with. I am fighting for their rights to say whatever they want. People in this country love to play the victim card and it is easy to do here. It is one of our biggest problems because people don’t want to pull their own load. Serve your community instead of complaining or being part of the problem. Pick up trash, clean your yard. We have everything in this country and we still aren’t satisfied.

It’s the government and ideology that causes the problems around the world. Even in hardline places, they want the same basic things: a safe place for their family, to play with their kids, and to watch soccer or football on the tele. They don’t want to be beat down or worry about the secret police kicking down the door. They don’t want to be harassed by someone in the street.

I am now working as an EMT. People who work as policemen, fireman and EMTs are very altruistic people and are out to help. They don’t join to be clubswingers or cause problems. People in the response world go in with a clear conscience and viewpoint but many of the people you are helping do terrible things to themselves or to others. The people you are helping are the ones who make you a judgemental.

In emergency and combat, you see the terribleness of what people do to each other. You have to become numb and even have a sense of humor. It is the only way to survive. My stories can go pitch black. We are the people who respond if your country has been invaded or you cut yourself with a knife. I have friends who served and did terrible things and they come home and no one cares. The VA expects a pill to fix them. Over there you are always on condition yellow. Sometimes red. You get used to living with a gun and everything is a target or a threat. That is a hard way to live your daily life. Then you come home and are surrounded by peace and order. Everything is tidy with police who come when you call. It is even the little things. There was refrigerated compartment with bottled water in every mess tent. Grab two bottles of water, put them in your cargo pants, and walk out the door. I was here after a tour in Iraq and grabbed two bottles of water at a 7-11 and walked out the door. It didn’t phase me until I got to my car that I stole the water. Seeing dogs as pets is still strange. A lot of places have dogs as a warning system. They are not a pet and can beat them to death.

People are escaping and taking the easy way out. Instead of making themselves better, they are going to booze and pills. What are they escaping from? Have we lost our faith? Have we lost human interaction by spending too much time online, watching TV, or playing video games? What is this country missing? Too much diversity? Not enough diversity? I hate that word but you don’t know what you don’t know. Go find diversity, don’t wait for it to come to you. Most people would have a better appreciation of the world and other people if they bought a plane ticket and got out of here. It would help them cope with their own life. I learned so much more about the world by being in it.”

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