I proved them wrong

May 17, 2018
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I proved them wrong

I proved them wrong

Hospice helped moved his dad home from the hospital the day of his high school graduation.

“These are new dress shoes. I am not too excited about being in them all day. I have been diabetic since I was 11 and prick myself seven times a day to check my blood sugar. I get headaches if my blood sugar gets too low or high. I hate needles, but now I have to stick myself all the time to survive.

I started losing my vision in 6th grade. I thought there was just blind and not blind. I didn’t know anything about visually impaired. My vision hit 20/600 but has improved as the optic nerve healed. It started improving soon after my youth pastor prayed for him. I used to love to read and got in trouble for staying up too late with books, not video games. The Warrior series about five clans of cats were my favorite books. I miss reading and struggled in literature class because of eye fatigue. Staring at books for a long time is a strain on my eyes. History was my favorite subject because it is easy to remember.

I am proud to be graduating with a regular diploma from Mary G Montgomery High School. All of my middle school teachers told me I would have to get a special diploma. I wanted to prove them wrong.

I used to dream of being a vet or a youth pastor. I love animals, but after I lost my vision I didn’t feel comfortable being a vet because I don’t want to accidentally hurt someone’s pet. As I youth pastor, I can help kids through their struggles since I have been through some of my own. After I graduate, I am going to take college courses online and help take care of my dad. I don’t know what will happen to him. If he goes, it was his time. If he doesn’t, we will have to wait and help him get back to normal.”

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