I retired last year and now work for my son

August 24, 2019
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I retired last year and now work for my son

I retired last year and now work for my son

“I worked in maintenance for Walmart for 12 years. I retired last year and was sitting around the house. My son has a landscaping and handyman business called Kingdom Builders and said he needed some help. He and my daughter-in-law and grandson work together. Our kids grow up so fast and go their own way and this was a good opportunity to bond with them. My son is an elder at his church and this is their property. We do church properties and lawns and help anyone.  

We are all about family. My baby granddaughter just went to college. This is her first time away from home. We are a little paranoid, but you have to let them grow up and give them that right of passage. You have to pray a blessing over them and then trust God.

I worked from 11 to 8 at Walmart at night and I no longer work every day. I have days for my flowerbeds. I take care of my great-granddaughter while her parents and my wife are at work work. I call her PawPaw’s baby. It doesn’t get better than that. But it makes you realize you are getting older. I will be 66 in October. I have had my fun and good days and bad days. I have done some things that I don’t deserve to be here. All of us do. If you told your real story, people would wonder how you are still here and they haven’t put you under. That is why we should love and understand each other and not spend so much time judging.”

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