I see my grandkids every Sunday

December 14, 2015
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I see my grandkids every Sunday

I see my grandkids every Sunday

Johnny DoughnutseedJohnny Doughnutseed has been here since about 1995. I have worked here for 35 years. It is convenient to my home.

I see my grandkids every Sunday. They go to church with me and we do something in the afternoon. Yesterday we took Christmas cards to the nursing home. A friend of mine was there for three years and I visited her every day. She passed away this year. I haven’t been back, but their mom had extra Christmas card so we took them to the people at the nursing home.

It was total joy. People hugged and kissed the girls. It is good for older people to be around children.

I miss my friend. She loved to write letters and had beautiful handwriting. She sent everyone birthday cards each year. Even if she didn’t have money, she would find a way to get stamps. It was how she expressed her love for you.

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