I shot that beaver with a .22 rifle

January 5, 2016
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I shot that beaver with a .22 rifle

I shot that beaver with a .22 rifle

“I shot that beaver with a .22 rifle. He had been stopping the ditches up. They stop everything up around here. The county put a $20 bounty on each beaver and I will get $20 for bringing in his tail. I work on 900 acres and I like being outside. I can’t be cooped up, but I had to stay that way in the penitentiary for a couple of years. I went in for raising marijuana. What they got me for is less than enough to be a misdemeanor today. I did two years and two months. That is the only time I have been to jail. I rent 100 acres from my boss man for deer hunting. I have only killed seven deer this year. Me and a friend of mine and his old lady process the deer ourselves. We put up 17 deer last year. You get 35-40 pounds of hamburger meat off of one deer. We grind it up ourselves and eat it all year. You can cook it in so many different ways that you don’t get tired of it. My friend is a convicted felon and he can’t hunt. I have my rights back, so I hunt and they cook it. I eat dinner every night at their house and I don’t have to wash dishes. I live by myself so I have it made. I have been alone for 30 years and I ain’t going to live with no one else. I don’t have to answer to nobody.”

“What is the tattoo on your arm?”

“My initials my ex-wife’s name, my boy and girl’s name. I still have a son, but my little girl died of cancer when she was nine-years-old.”

“You can take a picture of the beaver, but don’t take a picture of me. After I went to prison, I don’t like to have my picture made.”

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