I started drifting from place to place

July 25, 2020
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I started drifting from place to place

I started drifting from place to place

“I am from California but I have been in Arkansas for the last six years. My friend came to Alaska last year and invited me to come with her. I work in a food truck and clean in Airbnbs. This is my first summer in Alaska and everyone says it is slow here. They say it is usually like Disneyland with the big crowds. My boss is hurting and doing 35 percent of the business he usually does. Being here is a good escape from the chaos, but it isn’t untouched. COVID is here, but not as much. .

I am here until the end of September. I am not sure I will go after that. I started drifting from place to place in 2014 when I jumped in my buddy’s van with $25 and went to Arkansas for a music festival. I fell in love with somewhere there and we traveled around. We ended up back in Fayetteville. I also play guitar and sing and will do it on the streets for gas money when I am in a bind. Things usually work out. I want to have my own clothing company and buy clothes at thrift stores and cut them up and sew them together in a cuter way. I also want to own a coffee shop.

I was in a flash flood in Santa Barbara while I was working at a camping resort by the beach. I was cleaning a cabin by myself and debris started floating down a usually dry creek. The flood came quickly and swept away the building I was in. It fell apart around me. I went underwater for ten seconds and then was stuck between a shelf and the wall. I wiggled out. The flood was two weeks after I wrote a song called ‘Pray for Rain’.”

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