I started making these signs after I was saved from the fire

March 11, 2018
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I started making these signs after I was saved from the fire

I started making these signs after I was saved from the fire

“My house caught on fire a few years ago. The fire hit me and I could have been gone, but a friend pulled me out. They took skin from my leg and put it on my back. I thank the Lord for doing wonders in my life. I started making these signs after the fire. You walk by the signs and something comes over you. It changes people. They have told me it does.Some people tell me to stop. I can’t stop making these signs. I am hooked on God. I love the Lord and he loves me. The words come to me and I feel them. God does miracles in everyone’s life. We need to get back with Him. My Lord is amazing. Come on Lord, touch me. He touches me on my shoulder and it feels good. I need you, God. Just call His name and watch things change in your life. My God is so good. I stand straighter when I walk past the signs and say yes Lord. They are my prayers.

Something comes over me and I get markers and sit down and write. I put the signs up every day and I have me a pulpit. I am also a maintenance man and was once an animal control officer for Prichard. I was once married and my wife passed on. I have many children.

I get the markers and paints at Family Dollar Store. I use markers for the letters, but I would love to have paint and new brushes. I need your presence Lord, I can’t stop loving you. This sign is going to say My God is Amazing.

I don’t have a license and don’t drive a car. Trouble is easy to get in and hard to get out. I walk everywhere on my feet, Ikey and Mikey. I walk and sing, ‘Walk with me Lord, Walk with me. Take me hand Lord and walk with me.’ I pick up small things as I walk along the road to get there.

I don’t do drugs. No crack, No mojo, no powder. I don’t want drugs here. I go to different churches every Sunday. I grab my Bible and suit up like a football player. I went to church a long time ago. My mama passed on and I missed her whooping me and I quit going to church. I got into trouble and started breaking into houses and pawn shops and stole things. I went to a youth center. My grandmama told me to play crazy.

Let it rain thank Lord for doing wonders in my life. Yes I need you. Clean me up Lord, Thank you. I don’t have to drink every day anymore

This is a broom from the Family Dollar store and I put a screwdriver at the end. This is how I pick up trash. I don’t have time to bend over. Everything is a treasure. I hold everything until I use it. I find it on the side of the street and fix it up. I have always made things. Someone throws something good away and I make it better. People say,’ Wow. Where did that come from?’ I work on bicycles, too. I like to fix children’s bikes. I also make kitchen tables out of doors, but I am a maintenance man. If you need me to fix something, I have got you. I don’t think of myself as an artist.

Sometimes we fall down, just like that sign, and we have to pick ourselves back up. None of us are perfect, but we all have to get back up. I need your presence Lord, I can’t stop loving you. Jesus is on the mainline, call him up.”

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  1. Dawn says:

    AMEN! What a wonderful God we serve! He has redeemed your life & joy has filled your soul! So beautiful! How can we help You?

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