I started the dinners at our church to feed the homeless

February 3, 2019
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I started the dinners at our church to feed the homeless

I started the dinners at our church to feed the homeless

“I started the dinners to feed the homeless on Wednesday nights at Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. Our church hosts Family Promise and homeless families go from church to church to stay for a week and I volunteered with that since I was 3. My parents taught me to help other people when they need help. I care because what do people do when they can’t afford food? We have to do something for them to make them happier. I had the idea to serve dinner and told a lady at our church and then took it to our preacher and the vestry. I was nervous going to the vestry. I was nine and the youngest kid to ever go to one of those meetings. They voted to do it and gave us $500 grant money. We paid that off.

We had spaghetti the first meal. I was scared that no one would come, but people from my church and family came. We kept doing it and more people came from our community. We put up signs and invited people to come. The first homeless to come was very nice and appreciated the meal and said no one else was doing something like that for him. I was so happy, I felt like I could touch the sky. We kept going and in August it will be our third year. We do this on Wednesday nights and feed around 80 to 100 people. The meal is free and we have a donation box in case people want to give something. The donations always cover the cost. Some of my friends come and help. 

I am in sixth grade and like to play with my little brother, ride my bike and hula hoop.  I also do Jump Rope for Heart. Donations to the American Heart Association are important to me since I had heart surgery when I was little I was born with a hole in my heart. I was six months old when I had surgery. I want to sell my art and give the money to families who need help with medical care.I was Volunteer of the Year last year for elementary school for the Mobile Public School System. 

I have learned about being kind. People aren’t always what they appear to be and you can help people in ways you didn’t think you could. If you help other people, it makes you feel good about yourself and confident. That is what it has done for me.”

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  1. Dawn says:

    You are lovely & have a heart full of Jesus’ love! You are being His hands and feet here on this earth. What a blessing! Thank you for being courageous & making a difference in other’s lives. ♥️

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